Upcoming Changes in 2k17 Season

FIA, the governing body of Formula One racing has just announced a plethora of changes in regulation for the upcoming season in 2017. The justification given by FIA is that the changes will help bring down costs and assure supply to customer teams thus improving engine noise, reducing engine performance gaps and more.

Under the new regulations, which FIA placed after rigorous talks with all F1 Power Unit Manufacturers, tokens current existing for in-season engine modifications and developments will be lifted.

Specifically, the FIA stated that with the four major Power Unit makers in Formula One, and support of all participants, a global agreement has been reached and it will be in effect till 2020 season.

This agreement has been ratified by all F1 governance levels. Even the World Motor Sport Council has signed off. The agreement in particular covers total of four areas namely, performance convergence, sound of engine units, obligation to supply and the cost or supply price.

With respect to cost, it has been agreed to reduce the price of current power unit supply thus helping ease the acquisition of new units by customer teams. In 2017, approximately million euros per season savings will be received by all customer teams as benefits of these new measures. And by 2018, this savings will grow to 3 million per season!

As for supply, it will be homogeneous and assured with a specific stress on the “obligation to supply”. Likewise, there will be a performance convergence. Certain constraints will be put in place on materials, dimensions, part weights and to help boost pressure. Naturally, these will help bring down the sound of the engine thus helping reduce the noise pollution caused in Formula One races.


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