Practice Sessions before Events

Given the fact that the actual racing tracks cannot be replicated in totality, it is important to allow the players to have free racing sessions, to get themselves completely tuned up for the race. As of now, all prominent Formula One Races allow three free practice sessions. Here I’d like to point out the fact that these races are usually spread out on weekends for maximum spectators and accessibility to fans. Now the first free practice session is ideally on Friday morning, where the players get all warmed up. This is followed by the next practice session immediately after the first one, on Friday afternoon. The crux of the practice sessions happen when the Saturday morning practice takes the heat. Usually, most of the third drivers take part in the Friday afternoon session, and in certain Islamic countries wherein Friday is the day of rest, the practice intended for Friday is carries out on Thursday instead. The schedule for Saturday remains the same, and then of course, there is a lot of fan following that awaits the actual racing event on Sunday. This way, the first, second and third drivers get sufficient practice, and are all geared up for the mega championship.

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