Formula One Champion of all times!


It’s an extraordinary feat for anybody to have won the Formula One World Championship 7 times, but Michael Schumacher achieved this landmark feat almost effortlessly! Whether you make a list of Formula One Champions of all times, or on contemporary basis, or even when you do so 3 to 4 decades in the future, this name will always top the list. This unbeatable champ was born in Westphalia; given his enthusiasm for racing from any early age, his parents enrolled him in a karting club. At the mere age of 6, Michael ended up winning the local Karting Club Championship!

The support, enthusiasm and dedication shown by both his parents, despite financial constraints was instrumental in shaping his career as a Formula One Champion. He also found support in the patronage of a charitable local businessman from Westphalia, who went ahead and decided to sponsor Michael to nurture his inner potential.

As initially wrote on the Educational Governmental Blog, “the weak spot for most racing drivers comprises of wet patches, but Michael has been most successful in this zone, and has won 17 races from a total of 30 in his career, all in wet conditions.”

Probably what’s considered an adversity to other racers, was considered as an opportunity by him.

Given the prestigious title of the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year at two different points of time in his career, Michael has the maximum record wins after joining Ferrari. One after another, he created history by winning 5 world championship titles back to back during his tryst with Ferrari! His previous association with Benetton had also won him two titles, and not to forget his initial success in karting, and bagging of the Formula Three Title.

Injuries have also been part and parcel of his sporting career, as is the case with any accomplished racer. During the British Grand Prix that was organized in 1998, Michael ended up with a severe leg fracture, which put him on the back seat for quite some time. Yet again in 1999, he suffered from a serious neck injury which deterred his career for a while. But the most serious mishap happened in December 2013. Incidentally, this did not happen during a racing event but while he was skiing. Owing to his dastardly brain injury, he was placed in a medically-induced coma for over 6 months and although he was relocated back home soon, he has retired from racing permanently and continues to receive treatment.

His younger brother Ralph Schumacher is also a seasoned racing champion. Ever since he won his first major grand prix in 2001, he has had several racing titles to his credit. In fact Michael and Ralph Schumacher are the only siblings in the history of Formula One Racing, to have won Formula One Races. Since 2012, he has been coaching and guiding young Formula One Aspirants. Despite being the lesser known sibling of the two, Ralph has had many racing victories to his credit, which include the Macau Grand Prix, the Formula Nippon, the Formula BMW Junior, the German Formula Three, the Grand Prix Monaco, the All-Japan GT Championship and so on.

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